If a bird infestation is making your life a misery, contact Total Pest Solutions Ltd today. We provide bird control measures for private properties and businesses throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh – from nest removal and waste clearance to installing bird guards, cowls and netting.


  • Common urban nesting birds including – pigeons, seagulls and starlings
  • Bird infestations removed safely and humanely
  • Nests and bird waste removed by trained teams
  • Bird guards and netting fitted
  • Ongoing bird control services for construction sites, empty buildings and farms
  • Total animal management, with relocation carried out wherever possible

Comprehensive bird control services from your local pest controllers

0131 224 0008 (Edinburgh)

0141 354 8946 (Glasgow)

Don’t let birds make your life a misery

      Nesting birds often choose attics or chimneys to live in, which can cause huge problems for your building. Call Total Pest Solutions Ltd today and arrange your appointment with our bird control specialists.
    Methods we use include:
  • Stainless steel spikes
  • Nets
  • Weldmesh installations
  • Optical gel
  • Electric track systems
  • Springing wire

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Glasgow office
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